Tautoki ServiceGate

Low-code platform for technical services

Purpose of the product

ServiceGate is a platform for automating processes and creating automating processes application solutions utilizing provided “off-the-shelf” components, configuration tools and adapters to various storage systems such as DBMS, LDAP, NoSQL, etc., data transformation and display rules, as well as automation rules.

Based on the ServiceGate platform, solutions can be developed that automate both IT management processes and other company processes. Solutions can be created either by the Customer independently or with the help of Supplier. ServiceGate provides for user interaction with multiple systems from a single interface.

ServiceGate can work as a cloud, hybrid or on-premises solution, which allows you to implement various scenarios for using the Portal.
With ServiceGate you can implement complex integration scenarios by:

  •  -  calling external services from the portal interface;
  •  -  implementing scenarios on an internal integration platform;
  •  -  using integration with external systems (telephony, chatbots, BPM, ESB, ML, orchestrators, monitoring systems, etc.).

ServiceGate allows you to reduce the cost of IT infrastructure support thanks to:

  •  -  processes of various departments automation based on a single platform;
  •  -  optimized use of backend system licenses;
  •  -  high-speed deployment and changes implementation.


Key Features

  •  -  Customizable portal views;
  •  -  Built-in visual editing tools;
  •  -  Multiple data sources (systems) support;
  •  -  Dashboards;
  •  -  Access to Portal components using role model;
  •  -  Full-text search;
  •  -  Fully customizable localization;
  •  -  UI optimized to work with various devices (desktop + mobile)
  •  -  Open architecture;
  •  -  The Portal requires no use of another proprietary software.

Classes of solutions supported by ServiceGate:

  •  -  Service catalog;
  •  -  Service Desk;
  •  -  Operation service management system;
  •  -  Asset Management system;
  •  -  Self-service portal;
  •  -  Resource Accounting System/CMDB;
  •  -  Project Management system;
  •  -  Data Presentation Platform;
  •  -  other functional solutions.

List of implemented adapters:

  •  -  PostgreSQL;
  •  -  H2;
  •  -  OrientDB;
  •  -  SOLR;
  •  -  LDAP;
  •  -  and others.

Supported mapping services:

  •  -  Yandex Map
  •  -  OpenStreet Map

List of ServiceGate views:

  •  -    service catalog;
  •  -  toolbars;
  •  -  consoles;
    •  -  tables;
    •  -  plans;
    •  -  cards;
    •  -  calendars;
  •  -  forms;
  •  -  maps;
  •  -    quick input interfaces;
  •  -  news feeds;
  •  -  new components and views can be created within the project.

Who can benefit from the product

The product may be of interest to institutions with wide landscape of interacting systems: large telecommunications companies, large banks, large industrial organizations.

We offer step-by-step migration from BMC Remedy| BMC ITSM Suite, if necessary. We will also help you migrate from other foreign OSS|ITSM systems.


We offer flexible licensing. We can offer licenses with unlimited number of users. To receive a price offer, please contact us.